Have you thought about what will be lost when we're no longer here to tell our stories? Family recipes, the real story behind nicknames and what it was like to live through the war to name but a few. But these things are just the beginning. What is gone is something even deeper. It is the loss of a living link between the past and the present. Writing a memoir is an opportunity to create a bridge connecting your family to their roots. 

The process of writing your memoirs can seem intimidating. Where do you start and what do you include? Many find it so daunting, that even if they start it becomes too difficult to finish. This is why we have developed a structured interview process with our team taking care of the writing. 

Firstly, we will come to your home so that you can share your story in a familiar and relaxed setting. Secondly, we will guide you through a series of questions around your childhood, growing up and major life events, both good and sad. Many people find the process of talking to a friendly and neutral third party allows them to speak about things that might be difficult to do with someone closer. Finally, once the interview is complete, we will write the memoir and have it printed in a hardbound book. We also provide an audio file of the interview so that your family and friends can hear your story in your own words.


We believe in the importance of preserving every story. We have seen families delight in uncovering things about their loved ones that they never knew before. Children and grandchildren alike enjoy stories about your youth, falling in love and the growth of the family. We trust that writing your memoir will be enjoyable experience for you, as well as giving others the opportunity to understand your journey, your triumphs and trials. 

We would be honoured to work with you to create a written legacy that you would be proud to share with your family.

House of Hapsburg (ABN 58 875 829 493) is a home based business located at 533-535 Hampton Street, Hampton VIC 3188. Our interviews are via video conference or in person by appointment only. We do not offer interviews or take queries at our home based location. Please send any queries via email, text to 04 09 149 746 or via Facebook messenger. 


"Every death is like the burning of a library"  Alex Hayley