Booking and Payment: Once a package is purchased or a gift certificate is purchased please contact us to arrange an interview. We do not take deposits or booking fees.

Cancellation: If an interview is cancelled it can be re-scheduled to another date. An interview must be booked within three years of original purchase or booking costs may be forfeited. Where ever possible we’ll seek to make arrangements if there are genuine reasons an interview cannot be conducted prior within three years. Cancellations after interview forfeit 50% of booking fee at our discretion. Cancellations after transcript is prepared incur a 100% forfeit of all fees paid at our discretion. Cancellations due to death or illness will not incur any forfeit and a full refund will be made available.

Materials and Copyright: All materials, photos, transcripts and recordings shall be the exclusive property of house of hapsburg. House of hapsburg shall own the copyright in all materials created and may use the work for samples, contests, exhibition, advertising and self-promotion with consent of client.

Client’s Usage: The Client is obtaining materials, photos, transcripts and recordings for personal use only, and shall not sell said prints or authorize any reproductions thereof by parties other than House of Hapsburg. If Client is obtaining materials for reproduction, they are authorised to reproduce only as set forth under Special Usage Requirements. In such event, Client shall request that a copyright and credit notice for House of Hapsburg be placed adjacent to the reproduction, but shall have no liability if a third party refuses or omits to do so.

Social Media: This clause applies to all social media, including Facebook and blogs. When published online it is required that any reproduction of materials should credit house of hapsburg. The client agrees that they will under no circumstances alter any reproduced materials that are placed in public on the internet.

Failure to Perform: If house of Hapsburg cannot perform this Agreement due to a fire or other casualty, strike, or other cause beyond house of Hapsburg control, or due to personal illness, then house of hapsburg shall return any funds previously paid to the Client but shall have no further liability with respect to the Agreement. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that materials are damaged in processing, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of house of haspburg. In the event house of hapsburg fails to perform for any other reason, house of Hapsburg shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the Client’s order.

House of Hapsburg keeps client files for three years after fulfilment of clients order, and is not liable for any claims after this period. All client files will be deleted and backups will be purged after this period or earlier if so requested by the client.